INCA Anti-Rutsch Gaming Mauspad


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Ergonomic and flexible mouse pad
100% rubber – non-slip sole material
Comfortable use thanks to
3mm thick intermediate fabric Thanks to the soft silicone-like substance it contains
Provides comfortable use by taking its shape
Thanks to its ergonomic structure, it prevents discomfort caused by prolonged use of the mouse on your wrist.
Offers long-term use with durable material

INCA non-slip gaming mouse pad

INCA Anti-Rutsch Gaming Mauspad

INCA IMP-008 Soft Silicone Mouse Pad with ergonomics and flexible structure with non-slip bottom (Mouse control can be controlled in your hand.) INCA IMP-008 Silicone Mouse Pad compatible with all optics and charges will improve your performance as you use it expect.

With its usable area and the suitable support structure, it offers the possibility of using it with a notebook outside the home as well.

Smooth surface, effective motion movement!
INCA IMP-008 Silicone Mouse Pad (Wrist Reader) Non-Slip Backing 3mm. Thanks to its thick intermediate structure, it offers you a comfortable use, your mouse almost starts moving by sliding on the base of the IMP-008 silicone mouse pad.

Full support for no wrist bag!
The INCA IMP-008 silicone mouse pad can prevent any interference due to its comfortable use and its ergonomic structure, thanks to its silicone-like material that can be adapted to the shape of your tray. The process of optimizing the mouse for a long time.

INCA IMP-008 Rubber Base Non-Slip Silicone Mouse Pad (Wrist Support) With 100% rubber non-slip base material, it offers the possibility to be used on the floor.

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