INCA IMP-018 Gaming Anti Rutsch Mauspad


Artikelnummer: Modell - IMP-018 - IMP-018M - IMP-018K
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INCA Gaming anti-slip mouse pad

INCA – IMP-018 – IMP-018M – IMP-018K
Black Red Blue
900 x 400 mm wide usable area  Speed ​​surface

Durable non- slip rubber
sole Resistant to dust and dirt
Easy to clean.

Remove obstacles in your keyboard and mouse maneuvers. The Inca IMP-018 ① mousepad offers optimal precision and recognition accuracy of your
player equipment even at high speeds .

The Inca IMP-018 Mouse Padspeed recognizes all your movements with the surface and gives you
the most accurate feedback, so you can aim accurately,
get quick shots and all actions at the speed you want.
Thanks to the ergonomic carrying case, the Inca Imp-018 mousepad can be taken anywhere.


The Imp-018 ensures the stability of the surface with its rubber sole and adapts to your quick and sudden movements. During the game you have maximum control over cursor and DPI transitions

INCA Gaming Anti-Rutsch Mauspad

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Blau, Rot, Schwarz


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